Weight Loss Calorie Calculator for Women

weight loss calorie calculator for women

A Weight Loss Calorie Calculator for Women is a helpful device to determine the total amount of calorie intake. By referring to the calculator, every woman who is aiming at losing weight will get a clearer idea how long the weight loss program should last, along with how many calories to take until then. Indeed, the calorie intake calculator for weight loss is a practical time line. Is a new dress waiting for a special occasion? The calculator helps every woman look captivating at the right time, without a doubt.

Minimum Calorie Intake
Limiting the amount of calorie intake per day is necessary when losing weight is the goal. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to set the lowest and tolerable amount of calorie intake for weight loss in women because they all have different activity level and body composition. Many health authorities suggest women to take no less than 1200 calories every day. While controversy persists, there are two important points to keep in mind. First, do not lower the intake of calorie by over 1000 below maintenance because the starvation response of the body may lead to yo-yo effect of dieting. Second, do not suddenly drop more than 500 calories at once because the metabolism will slow down. Too low calories will cause the loss of muscle mass, drop of metabolic rate, nutritional deficiencies, irritability, fatigue, sluggishness, and other problems.

Calorie Intake for Weight Loss
The weight loss calculator is a device guiding women to lose weight without unnecessary problems. Besides, the calculator is very easy to use, only by providing information, such as weight, height, gender, and age. Further information to record is the expected weight to lose and the required time to accomplish it. It is important to bear in mind that 2 pound loss per week is maximum. Besides, nutrition experts and health professionals suggest slow rate of weight loss as the most effective and safest approach.

Healthy Plan of Weight Loss
The importance of planning a weight loss program is to make it as healthy as possible, more than giving women curvy body. In addition to using the calorie calculator to lose weight for women, here are healthy techniques to help every women shed unwanted weight.

  • Always do physical exercises.
  • Keep the diet intake balanced.
  • Make a dieting display depicting the weight maintenance.
  • Set a realistic goal in reducing weight.
  • Technically, a pound to shed equals 3500 calories to burn. This means, to shed a pound in a week, decreasing 500 calories intake or burn 500 calories a day is necessary.
  • After 10% of the total weight has gone, attempt to maintain the progress within 6 months by combining good diet and exercise.
  • Keep the rate by losing 5% to 10%, or one or two pounds, in each week.
  • Otherwise, reduce the calorie intake 500 to 1000 a day.
  • Weight loss calorie calculator for women is not a reference for calorie diets lower than 1400. Consult to nutrition experts and health professionals, instead, for such extreme calorie cut.

Calorie Calculator
The calorie calculator for weight loss helps women get through the hard times of losing weight. Indeed, a weight loss program is supposed to be slow and continuing, promoting fat loss in the long term. Fat is supposed to be burned, instead of being starved. Therefore, extreme cut of calorie intake is not the proper way out. 20% to 30% calorie cut, for example, results in average to aggressive weight loss. Still, weight loss calorie calculator for women is just a device, the use of which sometimes needs nutrition experts and health professionals to observe.

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