Various Berry Smoothie Recipe without Yogurt

berry smoothie recipe without yogurt

You can make berry smoothie recipe without yogurt if you want to feel the pure taste of the fruits without any addition at all. Although most fruits smoothie’s recipes are using yogurt as their main ingredients, you can always easily ditch the yogurt. You can simply use the plain fruits or find other alternatives. It is quite common to make smoothies without yogurt. Who says the absence of yogurt will make the smoothies plain and dull?

The Benefits of Berry and Their Types
Before talking about the fruit smoothie recipes without yogurt, it is important to know the great health benefits that berries can deliver. Berries are coming with different variants, types, tastes, and textures. When you are using different types of berries, you can get different kinds of health benefits as well.

  • Strawberries. They are rich in folic acid as well as vitamin C which are good to improve immune system. When combined with low fat cheese, you can get better boost in your immune system as well as improved protein support.
  • Blackberries. They have around twenty different types of anthocyanin which are included in the antioxidant lists. Most berries only contain about 3 to 4 types of anthocyanin. Antioxidants are good to prevent chronic diseases like kidney, high blood pressure, and heart attack, as well as preventing early aging.
  • Raspberries, Boysenberries, and Blackberries. They are mostly rich in fiber – around 8 grams within a cup of serving – so they can be very helpful to curb your appetite and help you lose weight. Besides being made into smoothies, they can also be turned into tasty sauce that can be used for any lean meats.
  • Cranberries. They have natural probiotic that would ensure the supply of good bacteria within your body. They can help preventing infections of the urinary tract as well as helping the digestive system.

Alternative Addition
Yogurt is always considered as the good and healthy addition into your berry smoothie recipe because it is rich in protein, fiber, and other substances that can really help you stay healthy and fit. But you can see all the good benefits the berries can deliver, when they are turned into smoothies. You can make yourself berry smoothie recipe without yogurt and can still gain great advantages from consuming it. You can consider replacing the yogurt with other ingredient, like soy milk, ice cream, or juices. Don’t worry; the smoothie will still be tasty and healthy as well. There are certain alternatives that you can try:

  • Protein powder or ingredient that is usually included inside smoothie for those who exercise a lot or lift weight
  • Ice creams for tasty treats for the children smoothies. They would love it and the ice cream would provide enough calcium and protein
  • Honey or sugar for relaxing smoothies
  • Soy milk for people suffering from lactose intolerant

The Smoothie without Yogurt Recipe
Here is a healthy smoothie recipe that includes no yogurt at all. Simply put in a cup of blueberries, half a banana, and a cup of orange juice into the blender. Mix them all well and add half cup of ice cubes. If you want watery smoothie, add a cup of ice cubes.

Berry Tips
When making berries smoothie without yogurt, be sure that you prepare and handle the berries well. Here are some handy tips:

  • Always wash the berries before processing them
  • Keep the berries in the coolest place in your house. Remember, cool isn’t the same as humid.
  • You can freeze the berries by putting them on a tray within the refrigerator. When they are frozen, keep them within a sealed plastic bag.

If you prepare and handle your berries right, you can always have tasty berry smoothie recipe without yogurt.

Recommended Smoothie Recipes
I recommend you to try smoothie recipes from Sensational Smoothies; they have more than 180 healthy smoothie recipes that you can make by yourself. Read the Sensational Smoothies Review right here.

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