How many Calories should I Eat per Meal?

how many calories should i eat per meal

Okay, I hear you ask the question, how many calories should I eat per meal? Perhaps you have already read articles telling you to take 2000 calories daily, while other articles might tell you that such 2000-calorie rule is completely unreasonable. In fact, there is no simple way out how to tell how many calories you should eat from each serving on daily basis. Limiting calorie consumption is not only necessary for anyone under weight loss program, but also important to keep everybody healthy. As different persons have different needs and purposes of the calorie limitation, the calorie number will unquestionably be different.

Personally, how many Calories should I Eat per Meal?
The amount of calories to consume from every meal depends individually on each person and his or her calorie intake. To answer your question, how many calories should I eat per meal, you need to be aware earlier of your reason in limiting calorie consumption. Do you want to maintain your weight level? Or else, do you need to lose or gain weight, instead? Furthermore, you also need to ask yourself, how physically active you usually are. Only then, determining the calorie demand will be appropriately in line with your lifestyle.

How many Calories for Healthy Lifestyle?
To keep yourself healthy, you may ask, how many calories should I be eating in a day? Recommended daily calorie consumption for adult men and women in general ranges from 1,800 up to 2,500 and 1,500 up to 2,300, respectively. However, other factors, such as height, weight, age, health condition, weight goal, and physical activity, are very important influencing factors, so holding on the stated numbers is not only misleading, but also unreasoned. A young and healthy woman, for example, should be in good physical shape by 2,000 calories every day, on condition that she is engaged in six-day intense activity. On the other hand, an older and diabetic man needs to limit his calorie consumption lower than 1,600 because he should lose his weight due to the illness. Still, other possible contributing factors are not taken into account in those examples. Then, how many calories should I eat per meal? Well, you can start with 350 to 500 calories for your healthy breakfast.

How many Calories for Reasonable Distribution?
In addition to wondering and counting how many calories I should eat, concerning on calorie distribution is important. Starting with 350 to 500 calories at breakfast is not enough for you must be sure you will have enough calories for the rest of the day. Remember, limiting your calorie consumption does not necessarily mean sacrificing your metabolism. Besides, high calorie consumption all of a sudden will cause troubles for your body system and even result in stored fat. Therefore, you need to distribute evenly your calorie consumption on each meal. Hence, how many calories should I eat per meal? Here is an example of distribution of 1,700-calorie diet.

  • 450 calorie breakfast
  • Two times of 150 calorie snacking
  • 550 calorie lunch
  • 400 calorie dinner

How many Calories under Appropriate Limitation?
Regardless of your needs, purposes, and conditions, proper distribution of calorie consumption is essential for your body system. Then, how can you be sure of how many calories should you eat per meal? Relax, go online, and let the calorie calculator do the calculation for you. Why should you need the calculation? Simply limiting your calorie consumption without well-defined restriction may cause you a problem of calorie deficiency. Consequently, insufficient calorie could put your brain and heart in danger, or even cause you death. Seriously, you have more to concern than simply asking, how many calories should I eat per meal?

You can try Daily Calorie Calculator to calculate your Daily Calories Intake.

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