How Low Calorie Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss Can Help

low calorie smoothie recipes for weight loss

There are lots of low calorie smoothie recipes for weight loss if you are trying to cut off extra pounds. Smoothies are often included in dieting program and meal arrangement as they are considered as the best meal replacement meal that can help you lose weight naturally and healthily. Not only you won’t easily get hungry, you can also enjoy the nice and tasty flavor of the smoothies. You can try the available low cal smoothie recipes or come up with your own. As long as you come up with natural ingredients and substance, the smoothie can do good things for your health – as well as your weight.

The Basic Principle of Healthy Smoothies
A healthy smoothie should have this nice texture, where the liquid isn’t too thin or overly thick. Lots of low fat smoothie recipes are using fruits foundations as they are easily processed and produced. Most fruits have quite low calories content, high fiber level, and enough liquid within their own, so you basically don’t have to add up another liquid. When you combine the fruits with vegetables, you can get nice mixture of fruits-veggies smoothies. Most vegetables also have high level of water content, so when you mix the fruits with the veggies, it is likely that you won’t need any additional liquid. But you can also consider about adding grains, oatmeal, or beans into the drink when you are trying to make the low calorie smoothie recipes for weight loss. Most beans or grains have healthy fibrous content that would curb your appetite during your diet program. They may also have higher carbs content, which means that the calories are increasing as well, but as long as the contents are healthy and beneficial for your health, you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

How about Protein Addition?
If you really want to lose weight by adding smoothing into your diet program, try to consider adding protein into the drink. In the smoothie recipes for weight loss, it is quite common to see milk or yogurt addition into the drink. Sometimes you can also add up ice cream, in case you are a bit stressed up. If you are worried that the protein addition will make your smoothie high in calories, consider about having soy milk or plain yogurt. Not only it would enhance the flavor and add the frothy and foamy texture, the addition will be very nice and soothing for you too. Lots of people are adding protein supplement powder into their smoothie. This is also fine, but remembers that this kind of powdery supplement is usually high in carbs. If you want to keep the calories low, you need to avoid this kind of powdery supplement and go for the real protein sources.

Considerations and Warning
Although it is okay to add milk, yogurt, ice cream, sugar, or honey, remember that the more you add the more calories you will get. If you want to add liquid substance, consider using regular water or tea, instead of milk. If you want your smoothies to taste sweet, it is better to use a little honey, instead of sugar. If you want to lose weight, use natural substances and ingredients only in the healthy smoothie recipes.

Getting Used to It
You can really limit the addition by using regular fruits only when making the low calorie smoothie recipes weight loss. The taste may be weird for you for the first attempt, but once you get used to it, you like the natural sweetness and freshness. Over time and gradually, you will find out that you don’t want to add another honey or sweeteners into your low calorie smoothie recipes for weight loss.

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