Healthy and Tasty Berry Smoothie Recipes with Yogurt

berry smoothie recipes with yogurt

If you want something refreshing, healthy, and tasty to replenish your thirst and to make you healthy, why not trying the berry smoothie recipes with yogurt? The ingredients and the contents of the smoothie are definitely going to boost your performance and your power. Among the various types of smoothie recipes, berry smoothies are one of the most popular and most likeable smoothies. The unique taste and its versatility when combined with other ingredients make this smoothie the right option for you. You will never get tired or bored with this particular smoothie.

Why Strawberry
You are probably wondering why you should consider about the berry smoothie recipes with yogurt. Why berry, anyway? Well, berries are one of the most flexible and versatile types of fruits. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the strawberry smoothie recipe yogurt, the cherry berry, or the blueberry one; you will get nice mixture and taste. Here are reasons why berry can be a very good option.

  • It can be combined well with other fruits as well as other additions. When combined with milk, the taste can be frothy yet refreshing. When combined with other fruits, the bitter sweet tangy taste will still feel nice on the mouth.
  • It has this particular unique sweet, sour, and tangy taste that would attract your taste buds greatly.
  • Berries are one of the healthiest fruits with lots of important substances. You can expect to find vitamin C, minerals, and other vitamins within the fruits.
  • Berries can deliver nice blend and attractive colors in the end. Whether you like it red, rather orange, or orange, the end result would look attractive.

Why Yogurt
Besides strawberries, yogurt is another substance that can improve your health. Yogurt is good to improve the digestive system performance as well as curbing your appetite since it is rich in protein and fiber. If you have any kinds of smoothie recipe with yogurt, you can certainly include the smoothie into your daily diet consumption. When you consumed smoothies with yogurt, you don’t’ have to worry about getting hungry easily as the drink will make you full for longer period of time.  It will provide fulfilling effects longer, it will help your dieting program, it will improve your digestive work, it will repair the damaged system and body parts, and it will do other good stuffs to your body. But be sure that you choose the plain yogurt. Don’t choose the sweetened one as it contains a lot of calories. You may not really like the sour taste of the plain yogurt, but when combined with the fruits, you will have this nice mixture and sensation. If you think that the smoothie is too sour for you, adding little honey will do, but really be careful on the proportion.

The Suitable Recipes
There are lots of tasty and refreshing berry smoothie recipe with yogurt. The internet can be a very good source for your smoothie requirement. If you are new to smoothie consumption, consider using one types of smoothie only. For instance, you can make your own strawberry smoothie or the blackberry smoothie. Once you have adjusted to the unique taste and you want to improve your smoothie experience, you can start thinking about mixing your berries with other fruits.

Example of Berries Smoothie
This strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt is one example of easy and tasty smoothie you can consume for your daily activities. all you need to do is mixing 375 m of milk, a half cup of yogurt, a scoop of ice cream (any flavor will do), one and a half frozen berries, and crushed ice cubes into the blender. Let them all mix well and smooth and then put it into 2 serving glasses. You won’t be spending more than 5 minutes when making this berry smoothie recipe with yogurt.

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