Finding out Why Am I always Hungry Lately

why am i always hungry lately

Does the thought “Why am I always hungry lately?” ever cross your mind? You may also think “Why am I so hungry?” although you may have finished your meal and you have finished your snacks too. You need to really understand why you are constantly hungry and check your condition, just to be prepared. Feeling hungry can be a sign that your body is suffering from something. Somehow, it’s actually trying to tell you to start looking for help. If you neglect such sign and you still continue fulfilling your desire to eat, not only it can lead to weight issue and obesity, you may also endanger yourself and your health. So, if you’re constantly hungry, stop for a while and look deep inside you while checking your health condition in nearest clinics, to find the exact cause.

The Sign of Poor Diet
There are plenty of reasons why people suffer from poor diet. If you think deeply about ‘Why am I always hungry lately’ and ‘Why am I always so tired’, the answer probably lies on your daily consumption. There are several possible answers and options:

  • You are engaged in fad diet that forces you to cut off your intake drastically, leading to lack of important nutrients and malnutrition
  • You don’t have enough healthy consumption. You eat too much carbs and you don’t include veggies or fruits in the proper size. Carbs are relatively burnt fast by the body. When the body is burning carbs, your sugar level will increase quickly, but it will also drop quickly, leaving you feeling hungry again.
  • You’re doing diet without doing it correctly and properly – especially if you don’t consult your doctors.

If you want to deal with the issue, you need to talk to your doctors and find the solution. The faster it is, the better it is.

Insufficient Sleep and Rest
If you wonder ‘Why am I so tired?’ while at the same you’re feeling hungry constantly, you may not get enough sleep and rest. When you don’t have enough sleep, your body will experience fatigue and stress because it will produce ghrelin – a hormone that is triggering hunger. The body doesn’t produce enough hormones that can help suppressing the appetite called as leptin. Since the leptin is too low and the ghrelin is too high, you will feel hungry all the times.  Lack of rest can also be a sign that you may have hidden medical conditions. You may suffer from lung or cardiovascular issues, too much caffeine intake, or insomnia.

Caused by Diabetes
Diabetes can also be the one responsible for your constant ‘I am so hungry’ issue. This medical condition indeed disturbs your body normal function in turning the food into energy. You don’t produce enough insulin that will help the body to change calories into energy. You will always be hungry and tired if you suffer from this issue. You need to have your condition checked and find the solution right away.

Lack of Exercises
If you’re always hungry after eating, it’s also possible that you don’t have enough exercise. You may not realize that exercise will transport the oxygen and also nutrients to all parts of your body. That’s why exercise is very good to keep you healthy and fit. The great thing is that exercise will increase the level or leptin and decrease the level of ghrelin, which means that you won’t easily get hungry. If you combine exercise, good diet and food intake, and you have enough rest, then you will be free from your Why am I always hungry lately issue.

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