Epsom Salt Bath Weight Loss: Facts or Hoax?

epsom salt bath weight loss

Is it true that the Epsom salt bath weight loss really functional and able to help people shed off extra pounds? The Epsom salt baths have been used for years to help people providing relaxed and comfortable feeling after working the whole day. But as time goes by, people start to believe that this bathing salt has another advantage to help people lose weight when they soak into the bath salt. Moreover, with medical and beauty claims saying that the bath can lose body fat, more and more people are interested in the salt. Is such claim true? Is that particular salt can really help people lose weight? We need to find out about the real facts and truth.

About Epsom Salt
Before talking about the Epsom salt bath weight loss, it is better for us to talk about the Epsom salt product. The Epsom salt is basically a natural mineral available in crystallized form. When used for the beauty product, it is used to provide relaxing sensation after a busy day or as the skin exfoliant that can help making the skin clearer and brighter. The main ingredient of the Epsom salt is the magnesium sulfate that can be found in the limestone caves. The salt was named as Epson since it was discovered in the 16th in a small city named Epsom in England. The form is almost the same as the kitchen salt but the main ingredient is completely different. The salt has different usages and benefits. When it is dissolved within warm water, it can act as conditioner for your skin or hair. When you soak in it, it can enhance the skin condition, improve your mood, and provide soothing feeling. After a whole day of working, you can relax within the bath tub with the salt.

Epsom Salt and Weight Loss
So, what are the relation of Epsom salt bath and weight loss, anyway? The main ingredient of the Epsom salt is the magnesium sulfate, which will be absorbed easily by the skin once mixed with warm bathing water. Once it is absorbed by the skin, the magnesium sulfate will reduce your stress level, help repairing skin issues, and remove the harmful toxins from the system. Once the salt is able to remove all the harmful toxins and waste, the result will certainly make you lose several body fats. At least according to Dr. Oz, the removal of the toxins alone can shed off several pounds off your body efficiently.

Using Epsom Salt
Despite the claim that the salt can make you lose weight fast, you need to know how to use the salt properly so you can get the best benefits from it.

  • Fill in the bath tub with hot water. The temperature shouldn’t be more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Once the bath tub is filled completely, add a cup of the Epsom salt. You can also add two tablespoons of bathing oil.
  • Drink a glass of water before you soak into the bath tub. Also place a cool towel on the top of your head. You can then relax inside the bath for about 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, get out and rinse your body completely.

Important Warning
The Epsom salt bath mustn’t be used by people who suffer from diabetes, kidney issue, heart issue, and high blood pressure. Pregnant moms aren’t advised to soak within the warm water. Even if the doctors allow them, they need to be supervised strictly. If you suffer from those medical conditions, don’t include the salt bath. Getting the Epsom salt bath weight loss isn’t worth it if it is going to risk your own condition.

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