Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight: Facts and Info

does coffee make you gain weight

Have you ever wondered does coffee make you gain weight? A lot of people seem to think that coffee is somehow responsible for their weight change. Some people say that coffee makes you lose weight, but some people say that it is the cause for your weight gain. So, which one is true? Is it true that coffee can play your weight like a yoyo by dropping and increasing it just like that? Is it true that you should be careful when consuming one? Let’s find out the truth about it.

About Coffee and Caffeine
Coffee is always related to caffeine. In fact, one of the most common reasons why people consume coffee is because of the caffeine content. When consumed, the caffeine can trigger the production and the release of a certain hormone called as the cortisol, which will provide nice and soothing feeling. However, besides delivering these joyful and relaxed sensation, cortisol can also cause a drop in the blood sugar level, so you may feel a bit hungry and you want to eat something to make your blood sugar balanced again. Because of your craving after consuming coffee, the question does caffeine make you gain weight comes to existence. It is true that you may feel a bit empty on the stomach after you consume a cup of coffee or you may want to eat something to accompany your coffee time. But it doesn’t mean that coffee is making you hungry and be responsible for your weight gain. Does coffee make you gain weight? No, you can’t really blame it on the coffee itself; you need to see your eating pattern in case you experience any weight gain.

Coffee and Thermogenesis
However, besides making your blood sugar level become low and make your stomach growl, coffee can also cause good things as well. When you consume coffee, you can improve the thermogenesis process, the fat oxidation system, and the even suppress appetite. Thermogenesis is the process where your body burns off calories at its maximum level and ability. The contents inside coffee are believed to trigger the activity of the sympathetic nervous system so your metabolism rate can increase on its own.  According a certain study, a 100 mg of caffeine can improve how your metabolism rate works. It works faster and more efficiently. The same study is also conducted to see the impact of consuming 200 mg and 400 mg of caffeine to the body. With bigger dosage of the caffeine, the metabolism rate is working even faster. That is why the question does coffee help you lose weight exists. Who wouldn’t love it?

Coffee and Other Effects
Besides the improvement in the thermogenesis process, coffee is also believed to improve the fat oxidation process as well. Fat oxidation means that the caffeine content within the coffee can help fatty acid disposal, which means that you won’t have to deal with fat deposit anymore. After consuming the coffee, your body can have improvement in the way it is removing the fat deposit. The efficiency can reach up to 44%. Moreover, since caffeine is considered as a stimulant, it can suppress your appetite; but not for longer term, anyway. Does coffee make you lose weight? It is possible, but not for long.

Does coffee make you fat? It is unlikely, unless you are adding milk, cream, or a lot of sugar into it. If you consume healthy food for the accompaniment – instead of cakes and sugars – you won’t have to worry about any weight gain either.  But you also need to remember that coffee is only a beverage with certain perks and advantages. It won’t help you lose weight naturally and on longer term. You already know the answer to does coffee make you gain weight or lose weight, don’t you?

Enjoying Coffee Smoothies
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