Delicious Smoothie Recipes with Yogurt and Frozen Fruit

smoothie recipes with yogurt and frozen fruit

Have you ever considered finding smoothie recipes with yogurt and frozen fruit? You may be thinking that smoothie recipes with yogurt is already enough; let alone to mix them up with another frozen fruits. But you can get this crunchy yet smooth and light texture that will be very nice for your taste buds. You may be thinking that you include too much stuffs and substances into your smoothie, but be sure that there is always room for another healthy substances or ingredients. You won’t be consuming too much health stuffs with this kind of smoothie; on the contrary, you can expect to get healthy boost for your energy level with nice flavor and texture.

Why the Addition beside Frozen Fruits?
It is quite common to include your favorite stuffs into the smoothie – whether they are beans, vegetables, honey, ice cream, or yogurts. After all, smoothie is supposed to be your meal replacement so you can include as much stuff as possible – as long as the taste is reasonable and don’t get weird. People often add up milk or ice cream to make the smoothie taste better and more delicious, but you should know that the fruit smoothie alone is quite tasty and nice without any more addition. But it is up to you to top up your smoothie with any kind of things that you like. Naturally, people consume smoothie because they want to lose weight or they want to improve their own health; a goal that can’t be reached if the smoothie calories are too high. If you keep your smoothie calories low – only use fruits and natural sweetener like honey in proportional measurement – you won’t experience any weight gain or medical issues. But if you mix your smoothie with milk, cream, honey, ice cream, and other stuffs, you are making your own smoothie lethal for your own health. Be sure to follow the healthy smoothie recipes, including the smoothie recipes with yogurt and frozen fruit, in order to improve your own health.

Why Yogurt?
When you include yogurt into your smoothie, you can have this nice fluffy, soft, and creamy texture. After all, yogurt has always been a nice addition to the smoothie. Not only it is good for the body system, it is also tasty and refreshing. There are lots of yogurt smoothie recipe available out there; you only need to find one that suits your needs best. Yogurt is also rich in fiber and protein. Both of them can curb the appetite, so you won’t easily get hungry. Fiber is good to improve digestion and help calories burning process while protein is good to repair damaged parts. When combined with frozen fruits, yogurt can improve the immune system. But be sure to use only plain yogurt as it is low in calorie. If you use sweetened yogurt, you can increase the calories.

Yogurt and Frozen Fruits
As it was mentioned before, yogurt can deliver this smooth and delicate feel. But when combined with the frozen fruits, you can get the unique taste and feel of the smoothie. Frozen fruits will cause this crunchy taste, so you will have opposite feel of yogurt and frozen fruits inside your mouth. If you are bored with the regular feel of regular smoothie, this combination will interest you greatly. You can try the yogurt smoothie recipes as they are easy to make.

Blend it Right
When you have found the right smoothie recipes with frozen fruit, be sure to blend it right. If you want to use ice cubes, be sure to put them first and blend them. Then you can put in the frozen fruits and the yogurt. Don’t add up anything; let them being mixed up. Just add little water if the blender is having hard time mixing everything thoroughly. Now you can enjoy your own smoothie recipes with yogurt and frozen fruit.

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