Calorie Intake per Day to Lose Weight

calorie intake per day to lose weight

Losing weight is more than simply discarding some pounds that it is important to watch the Calorie Intake per Day to Lose Weight. Do not make a simple guess how many calories to cast. Instead, use calorie calculators that based on metabolic rate, both basal and active, to calculate calories to lose weight. Losing one or two pound in a week would be the most effective and safest strategy. As a rule, daily calorie intake depends on the current weight, activity level, sex, and age of each person. Consequently, every different person subjects to different number of daily calorie intake to lose weight.

Using Calorie Calculator to Lose Weight
Overweight problem occurs because the amount of calorie intake per day is more than the one to burn. The extra calories turn into the body fat, causing obesity in the end. Therefore, to lose weight, it is necessary to figure out the amount of calories to burn on daily basis. A calorie calculator normally requires information on weight, age, gender, height, activity level, the BMR, the AMR, average daily need of calorie, current weight, goal weight, etc. Using the calorie calculator to determine how many calories needed to lose weight is very easy and effective. A good and reliable calorie calculator includes the possibility of how active or inactive a person is because it affects the amount of calorie intake without causing weight gain.

The Basic Calorie Need
Before counting the amount of calorie intake per day to lose weight, find the amount of the basic calorie need and calorie deficit. The formula of basic calorie need for men is (9.99 x current weight) + (6.25 x height) – (4.92 x age) + 5. The formula of basic calorie need for women is (9.99 x current weight) + (6.25 x height) – (4.92 x age) – 161. Always use kilogram for weight unit and centimeter for height unit in this formula. Calorie deficit is how many calories to cut that a person stays on the level of daily calorie intake to lose weight. There are two options of cutting the extra calories: by combining low calorie diet and exercise to burn more calories or by restricting calorie intake only. The former approach is highly suggested for weight loss that lasts longer. In fact, increased and regular exercise is necessary to sustain weight loss.

Be Realistic
Now that the calorie calculator does the calculation, the number shows up. When the calorie deficit is 500 per day, be sure to count the calories in and out, from the diet and exercises. However, after being cautious and gradually committing to a long-term weight loss program, be aware of the changes and drop of metabolic rate. Normally, the brain that regulates the level of body fat increases the hunger and at the same time decreases the activity level. It is, unfortunately, a massive obligation for anyone to keep weighing every food to eat. Skipping good restaurants is unsustainable and inconvenient, indeed.

What to Do
One of the best and humane way in finding the good amount of calories per day to lose weight is to change the lifestyle, including changing the food intake. Occasionally enjoying a good dinner at restaurant is acceptable, so long as a more active lifestyle is achievable. In fact, overly restricting calories alone is not a healthy and an effective way of losing weight. Furthermore, to burn more calories takes more calories as well, which makes it allowable to dine at good restaurants. Therefore, bother less on calorie intake per day to lose weight, but train the body to burn extra calories, instead.

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