Are Compression Garments for Weight Loss Real?

compression garments for weight loss

Have you heard about the compression garments for weight loss? There are several ads and promotional banners concerning this type of garments, which are claimed to be able to help you to do quick weight loss program. It is certainly nice to know that by simply wear a special clothes or garments can help you shed off extra pounds easily and quickly. You don’t have to struggle with the fuss and the hassle of managing your daily diet menu, you don’t have to exercise strenuously, you don’t have to struggle with hunger or anything, and you don’t have to do anything! But does such garment can really help you improve your look and help you lose weight? How does it work?

What is Compression Garment?
Compression garments are basically a type of garments that you can use to show your curves and hide your fat storage. The basic principle is like the corset, with its strict design and compressed form. As the name suggest, the garments can provide effect or illusion of losing weight. They will hug your figure and compress it so your body will look thinner. The fat will be restrained so all your beautiful curves will be accentuated. The pressure is made to give different illusion of your own body. The garments are usually made of spandex and lycra, which are stretchable yet able to follow your body contour nicely. When you wear one, the fabric will stretch out and follow your body contour while at the same time squeeze your body and hide the protruding sections, giving the illusion that you have lost weight.

Can Such Garment Lose Weight?
Based on ads and promotional banners, the fabric is sold as the compression garments for weight loss because it is not only able to help you provide the illusion of losing weight, but also able to lose weight by simply wearing one. That’s why it is often claimed to be the handiest tool if you want to experience weight loss fast. Some claims even say that it can help you lose weight by producing more sweat. But is it true? If it is, how does it work? When you wear such garment, it does provide illusion that you have shed several pounds. Some garments also come in certain material that would make you produce more sweat. You may find out that when you are sweating, you are losing weight. But such weight loss is because you lose water content; not fat. Once you drink or consume liquid substance, the weight will be back.

Other claims suggest that such compression garment can provide you with micromassage, which is a constant and gentle pressure on the body as your body and the garment move. Such micromassage does help to break down cellulites, but there is no scientific proof that such action can actually help losing weight. Again and again, compression only provides illusion that you have lost weight; not actually losing it. If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise and manage your meal intake. There is no way that you are able to lose extra pounds without burning them through physical activities.

Health Benefits
If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of losing weight, wearing the garments can help to make you look attractive. People who have done liposuction procedure often use the compression garments after liposuction so their abdominal skin and section will stay intact. Athletes also use such garment to improve their performance. The claim that compression garments for weight loss isn’t true but it can help you to look appealing and attractive.

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  1. Brenda Robinson says:

    It’s a true statement I have been wearing a compression Garment for two year I was a size 18 now I’m wearing a size 12

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