Answering the Question is Grapefruit Good for Weight Loss

is grapefruit good for weight loss

Have you ever wondered is grapefruit good for weight loss? This particular fruit has gained popularity over the years as it is claimed to be a great fruit that can be used in good weight loss diet. Since it is a fruit, it is said to be very beneficial, healthy, and has minimal side effects. However, certain medical and health experts are worried about the extreme implementation of the fad diets that are claimed to provide quick results within days. So, are grapefruits totally good for your weight loss program or it will bring serious effects for your health?

Weight Loss and Grapefruit
According to medical and health study, when you consume grapefruit juice up to 8 ounces per day or simply eat a whole grapefruit as your daily diet, the fruit can block the enzyme function that is responsible for carbs and fat storage. When the enzyme function is being blocked, the body won’t store up the additional calories and fat and will burn them instead. That’s why the grapefruit is said to be good for weight loss program. However, the existence of fad diet and grapefruit system has made medical experts worry. In certain fad diet, people are claimed to be able to lose lots of weights instantly within 12 days only. This is a rather difficult fact to comprehend and understand because the body shouldn’t be pushed to the limit in such way.

Weight Loss and Fad Diet
What is fad diet? Fad diet is a new dieting method that seems very ridiculous and impossible; fad diet usually offers too-good-too-be-true result where people can lose weight in such short amount of time; usually within days or weeks. Lots of health experts are concerned with this dieting system because of the nutritional concern and also other harmful effects that may happen later on. But this quick weight loss system is really likeable by lots of people, especially by those who want instant result and the little possibility of having to suffer to reach their goal. If you’re doing a fad diet involving grapefruit, it’s likely that you mostly will have to consume grapefruits in a lot of numbers and then limit your other food intake. Is grapefruit good for weight loss? This fad diet can surely reduce your weight, but it probably won’t provide good results for longer terms.

What You Can Eat in Grapefruit Diet
If you’re doing grapefruit weight loss, you need to follow the guide of what things you can and can’t eat. The menu arrangement is usually like this:

  • Breakfast: You can eat eggs and bacon and then consume black coffee and grapefruit juice.
  • Lunch: You can consume salad with its dressing, meat, and another grapefruit juice.
  • Dinner: You can eat green veggies or salad, fish, and grapefruit juice.
  • Snack: You need to drink grapefruit juice or eat the grapefruit.

Remember that the juice or the beverage should be unsweetened. It’s also advisable that you consume lots of water.

Concern and Warning
The grapefruit juice may seem like safe and harmless good weight loss diets, but most health experts are worried about this method because of its nutritional limit. You are allowed to eat fish or meat, but what about the crabs? What about consuming other foods that have other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals? If you truly want to have safe and healthy diet that includes grapefruit consumption, you need to manage your meal schedule and menu and include the grapefruit juice. You can manage your daily consumption where you can still eat carbs, protein, and fats, and include the grapefruit into it. By doing so, you can really enjoy the health benefits? Now you know the answer to the question is grapefruit good for weight loss, don’t you?

Enjoying the Fruits
Many health experts advise us to always eat fruits because fruits are very good for our bodies. And each of fruits has different nutrients, and therefore we should be able to consume a variety of fruits. You can enjoy these fruits with fruit smoothies by using smoothie recipes from Sensational Smoothies. For more information, you can see the Healthy and Tasty Sensational Smoothies Review that I have made here.

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  1. Jonathan Best says:

    I’ve heard alot about grapefruit being so effective in juicing for weight loss but didn’t know that there might be consequence in taking it for long term…Thanks for your very informative post, enlightened me about the steps I should take…Thanks!

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