5 Tips and How to Choose Healthy and Good Food for the Body

In this era of modernization healthy food is getting rare because of the many fast food that is circulating in the world. Because the actual fast food is less good for human health. The current public awareness of healthy lifestyles has begun to decline.

Yet around us are still a lot of healthy foods are very good for our bodies. Here we will share about tips and how to choose Healthy food.

Food itself is a vital thing that is needed by the human body. In addition to healthy food exercise is very helpful to have a healthy body. Here are 5 tips and how to choose healthy foods:

1. Consumption of Foods Containing Nutrition

Nutrition is very important for the body. That’s why we need a lot of nutrients to get a healthy body. About 40 nutrients to be consumed to keep your body healthy. Not enough just rice or side dishes but other nutritious foods that you should consume.

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2. Vegetables or Foliage

Healthy foods are usually vegetables. If you want a healthy body do not ever avoid foods that come from the leaves because the food comes from the leaves are healthy.

Vegetables contain lots of nutrients and all kinds of substances that are very good for the body. The content is something we cannot get from animals, so we really need to consume the leaves or vegetables.

3. Choose Animal Protein for Your Body

Proteins derived from animal protein are also very good for the body as long as you consume them in a normal dose is not excessive.

Animal meat contains many nutrients and proteins that are very good for the body. Ingredients that exist in animals there are also that we cannot get from vegetables, so we are required to consume meat to complement the protein needs in our body.

4. Colorful Vegetable

Colorful vegetables are a great way for those of you who are choosing healthy living or looking for a variety of foods. In addition to making food or vegetables that are interesting to eat vegetables themselves have a good antioxidant content for the body and can prevent chronic illness.

5. Junk Food?

You want to eat junk food? All right okay. But you need to know if you eat junk food should make your own. Because junk food made from his own hands must be guaranteed hygiene.

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