5 Amazing Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol for 30 Days

“If you don’t take care of this, the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given…

Where are you going to live?”

–  Karyn Calabrese, U.S. Raw Foodist

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol for 30 Days

Our culture is awash with alcohol – literally. Incessant, constant reminders are all around us, from full-spread glossy magazine ads to the number of bars, clubs and liquor stores that adorn our busy city centers.

You certainly can’t hide from it all, but you can make the choice as to whether a few beers after work are really necessary or that second bottle of wine really will cap off the evening nicely. In no way is this article meant to be anti-alcohol, but it is designed to be pro-quitting for a reasonable length of time – time enough for you to witness for yourself the amazing health benefits of doing so.

If you believe what you read and hear to be true, alcohol is the #1 ingredient for a good time. A few sips and you’ll be the life and soul – guaranteed. It’s probably why you meet your friends where you do, where you socialize with your work colleagues, and, if you go out for dinner, it’s got its own menu just for you.

However, while the odd drink has been shown in many medical research studies to be actually good for you, too much of that good thing is, quite clearly, not. In addition, there are many similar studies to bear that out.

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