The Different Types of Cancer

The Different Types of Cancer

Everyone is aware that each cancer differs from the others even if it is from the same type, which makes the disease so hard to cure. It is important to note that this is not a single disease but rather a mixture of over two hundred different types of diseases. There are a few ways in which they are categorized, and this article by a Mexico cancer clinic is meant to inform you on the matter so you could better understand the topic.

The Classification

First of all, the cancer types could be separated into two groups:

  • By the organ in which they first developed
  • By the type of tissue or cell in which they originated

In terms of state the cancer types could be split into those that are in a solid state or those that are blood related. Cancers which quickly spread into a different organ is called metastasizes and they are different than the primary cancer.

Cancer Types Based on the Cell or Tissue

The cancer types are usually named after the type of cell in which they originate. It is essential that a person understands each type of cell as well to gain full knowledge on the cancer types. A good example on the topic would be a diagnosis with kidney cancer. What most people don’t know is that there are a few different types of kidney cancer though which differ from each other. Major cancer types based on the cell or tissue are:

  • Leukemia

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